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FCC grants Google Permission to Float Project Loon Balloons over Puerto Rico


The FCC has granted Google permission to float its Project Loon balloons over wrecked Puerto Rico. After the series of disasters, most Telecom companies in Puerto Rico would obviously be down. Google, has therefore, swung into action by applying for a license to provide emergency cellular service to Puerto Rico.

These balloons work by relaying a signal it receives from a Telecom Partner on the ground, through its network of balloons floating about 65,000 feet in the air, and then sending it back down to people with cellphones. The leader of this project in Peru said that about 160GB of data was sent over an area which was roughly the size of Sweden. Enough to send and receive about 30 million Whatsapp Messages, or 2 million emails.

This would definitely help the residents of Puerto Rico to connect and stay in touch with their loved ones. Although it is unclear how this would be accomplished, considering the fact that only about 25% of the cellphone towers are back online. However means it may take however, it is a very much welcome development.

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